My Itinerary Of Washington DC Is Way Beyond Museums

This time on MZ travel diaries, I take you along with me to the heart of the USA- Washington DC! So listen to the entire episode now!
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Family vacations are very important, especially today when the kids are equally as busy and stressed as us. They also give the opportunity to bridge that gap in the relationship that appears due to the stresses of everyday life and strengthen that family bond. This time on MZ travel diaries, I take you along with me to the heart of the USA- Washington DC!

Planning international holidays is not a cup of tea. You need to know everything way in advance before even booking your flight tickets. The right hotel, the right activities, the right places, the right transport- it is a lot!

And if you are going with the kids, there are extra things you need to take care of.

Now-now, don’t fret and cancel your plans because of the work, I have given you the entire cheat sheet if you will be visiting the historic Washington DC in the near future. If you do a google search you will get pretty generalised suggestions. Here I give you my personal suggestions, tips and hacks that you won’t want to miss. My itinerary is the perfect balance of peace and adventure and a whole lot of making-memories! So what are you waiting for?

By the end of this episode, you will know:

  • Which hotel to choose
  • The museums to visit
  • The activities to do with your kids
  • And so much more!

So, listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss out on anything. Know anyone going to DC? Send this to them to make their planning a bit more simple.

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