Period Cramps – How Homoeopathy Can Help

Dysmenorrhea, or period pain, is a bane. No woman should have to suffer period pain. My wish is for all women to experience periods without pain. Because women deserve happiness. These are tips that can help you.
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What causes menstrual cramps? Most women ask this question at some time in their life. It seems that when it comes to that time of the month, mild cramps, bloating, and irritability — although nuisances — are all to be expected. However, crippling period pain, heavy bleeding, serious fatigue, and other symptoms that affect your quality of life are not.

What Is Period Pain?

types of period pain

Dysmenorrhea, or period pain, is a bane. No woman should have to suffer period pain esp because she anyway goes through much in the process of living life.

Period pain that gives you cramps and makes life impossible to live for those 3-4 days should never be ignored. The numbing pain with medication gives rise to other hormonal issues as a cascade effect.

Causes Of Period Pain

Effects of Period Pain & What Can Help

Conventional medicine looks at treating symptoms ( it’s great for emergency and short-term) but in homoeopathy, we look at the symptoms of the patient. Each patient is unique and their symptoms are unique. Sometimes they change every month. So when we address symptoms that belong to the patient we will hit the mark.

For those who have period pain due to endometriosis, fibroids or ovarian cysts, they have to be treated for longer to achieve a reduction in pain because we are not just dealing with a symptom but with a condition that poses risks to the patient.

Can I Exercise During My Periods

What Can Help With Period Pain

Long term observation suggests that managing pain with homoeopathy in chronic cases helps the patient minimize side effects and improves the overall quality of life. They start sleeping better, water retention subsides and they feel better mentally.

Yes, when pain is acute one cannot think beyond a painkiller but when the pain keeps coming back… pause and switch the modality of treatment.

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