Ramya Subramanian | How To Measure Your Weight Without The Weighing Scale

How to lose weight quickly? Fad diets, quick fixes, do they work? Who hasn’t asked themselves these questions. What we really need to know is how to lose weight the right way.

As we all scramble to lose weight after giving birth to our children, I want us to remember some very important things. Gaining weight is normal, not being at the ideal weight is also normal. But it is also possible to bounce back, if you work hard enough.

From gaining 20 kgs during pregnancy to bouncing back through a healthy approach, let me tell you my secret sauce today as I interview Ramya Subramanian.

Ramya Subramanian is a well-known fitness icon and certified Integrative Health Coach and she has just released her new book – Stop weighting. Listen as Ramya shares her personal fitness journey and provides a refreshing perspective on fitness and health, busting myths and providing safe and sustainable methods for a healthier lifestyle.

From taking supplements to boost immunity, to her latest book filled with exercises and tables, this episode provides a holistic guide to discovering a healthier, fitter, and happier you.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about the importance of being healthy rather than focusing entirely on the weighing scale.

Today in this podcast she’s sharing answers to questions we all had at least at one point in our life-

  • How do I lose weight the right way?
  • Do those fad diets work?
  • Is there a healthy way to lose weight quick?

and more!

She speaks to us about her experience, and how fad diets are not the answer to everything. She shares many key take-aways, so don’t forget to listen to the entire episode.

Listen to the entire podcast which is in association with Pure Nutrition for a complete action plan for making lasting parenting changes for the better.

Pure nutrition operates in 3 different verticals viz. Nutraceuticals & Wellness, Personal care , and cold pressed oils. Pure Nutrition, collects, processes, manufactures and markets 100% natural nutritional supplements, cold pressed oils, protein powders. The products are 100% natural and cruelty free. 

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This article is written in association with Pure Nutrition.

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