Simple Eco-Friendly Swaps You Must Do Today

Sustainable Parenting is possible. This switch in lifestyle can help.

Sustainability is a buzzword, and yet a vague concept to a lot of people. Everyone can adapt to a sustainable lifestyle no matter the location or the available resources. Small daily choices have a big impact, and if you are surrounded by little or not-at-all sustainable options, you will have to think about your own solutions. Get started in small steps by focusing on choices related to daily activities and products.

But one thing that comes to my mind is – is sustainable parenting possible?

All of us wish to be sustainable but find it very difficult to raise children at the same time. We wonder if they will be ok to adapt to this lifestyle. Will going out get harder? Is it not as hard as we make it out to be in our heads. Here’s what I started doing:

  • I avoid using plastic bottles. Be it my kids Birthday Party or KSP Awards – we avoid using plastic bottles.
  • I carry my cutlery, straw – wherever I go so I don’t have to resort to plastic cutlery.
  • My family has started using bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Start small. Consume only as much as you need, not want. Be the right model for your kids.

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