The Best Farm-To-Home, Fresh & Organic Milk Brands In Mumbai

If you want to switch to organic milk and are wondering which are the best brands, here is a curated list of organic milk suppliers in your city.

One of the first concerns we have once we wean our kids off breastmilk or formula is the right milk brand to choose? Some of us assume that the milk that gets delivered home is good and we grew up drinking that and our kids will be fine with it too. The other thought is that maybe tetra milk is safer! I am not sure about that and my only logic is it’s packed and kept available for so many days before it’s finally consumed. Hence, organic milk.

With milk adulteration being a huge concern in India, that is probably the reason why we are okay with paying a huge premium for unadulterated, hygienic farm to home milk. Going back to the basics aren’t we?

I remember my last visit to a friend’s farm where he had about 8 – 10 Indian cows and  2 Holstein Cows. He told me that even though it’s expensive for him to have his own cattle compared to the milk he gets, the quality of milk is way more premium and he would prefer that than having adulterated milk.

Are parents today compelled to pay a price for unadulterated safe milk? There are various milk brands that are now available across many metros and here the most popular ones in Mumbai

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