The Biggest Stress For Today’s Working Parents- Are We Listening?


The pandemic has taught us how to be more productive, how to get more done in less time, and how to manage office deadlines amidst pressure cooker whistles for work-from-home parents, and whatnot.

We have companies offering longer maternity leaves, even paternity leaves (that’s a welcome change), some companies offer breaks as an option for women during periods, sick leaves, and travel allowances, etc. But on other days you are expected to give your 300% to the work, which is a fair ask.

But amidst all these, are we missing out on one crucial “policy” for employers? That of empathy and understanding towards all- especially towards parents who are taking care of sick children in this season?

Why Parents Deserve More Empathy At Work Places

With the monsoons, and changing temperatures across the country, the flu season is a time children (and adults) fall sick, and multiple times within the season. Staying up all night attending to a coughing child, and rocking crying toddlers to sleep is never easy. Ask any parent and they will tell you. But what is tougher, is having to attend work the next day, and give your 100% effort, with zero to minimal sleep.

As employers, can’t we extend a helping hand to parents of sick children? Is it too much to ask for a day off or even a few hours to help align themselves and then start the day at work?

At Kidsstoppress, over the years, we have built a culture, where a team member texts saying she has pulled an all-nighter and needs a few more hours of sleep to catch on, or another mom who texts saying she would be taking a longer lunch break to get the fussy, sick kid to eat better. A text is all that it takes, and the team members fill in for the missing mom, no questions asked. Is this culture difficult to implement across offices? Be it for WFH moms or those who attend work at offices?

I asked this question yesterday on our Instagram feed and the responses I see to this breaks my heart! Is it time to voice out our requests louder so it reaches more ears and empathy is no more a rare commodity?

Share your opinion on this in the comments below. Also, if you are looking for comfort foods to give your child who isn’t feeling well, check this article by our Food Editor- you will find it useful.

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