The Elephant Whisperers: An Indian Victory at the Oscars

Watch this Oscar-nominated Indian documentary, “The Elephant Whisperers” with your kids and enjoy the breathtaking visuals of nature and a beautiful story!

Movies and short films that are nominated for the Oscars are real art. They are beautiful and meaningful. And we should be proud that an Indian short film was nominated this time. “This “The Elephant Whisperers” is a film that shows the astounding and immersive beauty of nature and animals. Throughout this short film we learn how relationships can be created with anyone in this world as long we have love, care and support to offer each other.

The Elephant Whisperers just won the Best Documentary Short at the Oscars 2023 creating history as the 1st Oscar for an Indian production

What Is The Film About?

It’s about a couple, Bomman and Bellie, who live in the Mudumalai National Park in South India. They devote their lives to caring for an orphaned baby elephant named Raghu. In doing so, they forge a family like no other! A family that tests the barrier between the human and the animal world. It’s a simple and sweet story with real and unfiltered emotions. The bond between the couple and Raghu is so pure, it’s almost as if it is their own child in the form of an elephant. This movie is a must-watch with the family!

What Can Kids Learn From This Film?

This film set in the Mudumalai National Park in South India, where the tribal people live in harmony with the wilderness, it shows how you don’t need many things to make you happy as long as you can be happy in what you have. The simple life of the people is shown with such magnificence that you would almost want to live there. To experience that freedom that they have abiding as one with nature. This film also teaches kids how love, compassion and mutual care is all that is needed to build a strong relationship. Whether it is with people or animals.

This story of the forming of this unconventional family is so delightful and sweet. It will definitely leave you with tears. This film makes each of us realize that at the end of the day, all we are looking for, is someone to love and to be loved by someone. And sometimes, your “happily ever after” comes much later in life.

Why Is The Film Worth Watching?

Because it is a simple story of an unconventional family formed through love, care and compassion. There is no fancy camerawork or visual effects or any added artificial media. It’s all about the brilliance of nature and the beauty it adds to human life. It shows that if we kept our boundaries, we could live in harmony with nature once again.

“A trunk filled with emotions! One of the most heartwarming documentaries I’ve watched recently…loved it!”- Priyanka Chopra

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