This Brand’s Innerwear & Sleepwear Collection For Kids

Designed to provide support and flexibility to today’s busy children who are out there busy shaping their dreams and future, Mackly’s collection has something for every child from age 2 to 16 years.
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Uniforms and children—not the happiest of love stories!

Especially in tropical weather like ours, the first thing my kids do in the summer is take off their uniforms the minute they enter their homes and happily walk around in their vests and shorts. And you can’t blame them. Comfort and casual wear hardly end up being either comfortable or casual for children today, hardly both. As a parent, I find the real challenge is to dress up your children in outfits that you choose for them without hearing complaints of it being “too tacky” “too itchy” or “just not comfortable”! Well, no one said shopping for kids is child’s play!

Back when we were kids, we didn’t pay much attention to sleepwear. I remember as a child, the old and faded clothes that were no longer “suitable for wearing outside in the daytime” made their way into the piles called nightwear! But thankfully, today’s parents have more options out there to help decide what’s the best “fit” (pun intended!) for their children. And on #FindItOnKSP we help you narrow it down by bringing to light the new ones, the hidden gems as well as brands that we absolutely love and can’t recommend enough.

Today on #FindItOnKSP, we talk about a brand that’s creating a space for itself in the parents’ and children’s market as a trusted name in the innerwear and loungewear/nightwear sections for kids. Let’s talk about Mackly.

About The Brand- Mackly

At the KSP Awards, we often talk about how the best innovations, especially in the parenting and children’s space come from the real customers- parents themselves! Mackly was launched by Sharmila Srikumar, a mom of 3, who wanted some simple and comfortable jammies for her daughters but couldn’t find the right options in the market. Owing to her own background and vast experience in the textile industry, she decided to launch her own brand that focused on providing comfortable, durable, and stylish sleepwear and innerwear solutions for children.

Their Collection:

Mackly boasts of a wide range of collections that focus on comfortable yet quality innerwear and sleepwear for children.

From basic casual wear/lounge wear to innerwear, the collection houses products that are comfortable, durable and yet affordable. Designed to provide support and flexibility to today’s busy children who are out there busy shaping their dreams and future, Mackly’s collection has something for every child from age 2 to 16 years.

Our Favourite- The Inner Shorts Collection: 

We love their collection of Inner Shorts for girls, that are perfect for active and sporty kids. Mackly’s 2-in-1 girls’ inner shorts are an innovative product available in a wide range of sizes and colours, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every young girl. 

Made from 95% cotton, these shorts rock a comfy waistband plus a nifty gusset that pulls double duty as a panty – so no two layers of innerwear in this sweltering weather! 

It’s like combining undies and shorts into one seriously cosy powerhouse! Bid farewell to those pesky itches, irritating chafing, and constant fidgeting – ultimate comfort has finally arrived!

Sweet Dreams Indeed With Their Sleepwear Collection: 

How do your kids like to unwind for the day? All of us have a bedtime routine that’s unique, and special and helps us bond better with the kids as we tuck them to bed. Mine cuddle with me in the bed for a bedtime read, picking out their favourite PJs and books- all their choice! Also, their collection is affordable and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Mackly’s PJ and cosy sleepwear/loungewear collection are made of 95% cotton, designed to be super comfortable and soft and come with fun graphic art prints and a colour combo that makes children want to wear them through the day, too! The products are affordable and come in a range where comfort and style unite for a night of endless dreams. For weekend nights, just put out a tent, and play their favourite movie with a hot tub of popcorn, and fun movie nights are here to stay!

Who Said Innerwear Has To Be Boring? 

Also, if you are a parent who shuffles between your child’s classes from football to gymnastics to enjoying a twinning cycling ride with your kids in the park, Mackly provides the perfect innerwear for boys and girls that is stretchable, durable and comes in different colours so you don’t have to worry about matching shades. (P.S- Our favourite is the unicorn print!) 

The fabric is comfortable and soft, and more importantly, durable and doesn’t ride up, making it convenient for your child’s long cycle rides or sports outings. We also loved their collection of vests and innerwear for little girls and boys that helps them go about their day, doing the things they love, without feeling any discomfort. Each of their products is made of breathable and high-quality fabric that is long-lasting and more importantly, sweat-absorbent. With a packed day that our kids have shuttling between school, homework and play, the last thing they want is sweaty innerwear that stops them from what they do. They also have trainer bras for tween girls that are non-padded and an all-day option, so the young girls get comfortable in their skin.

Do you know what’s another super cool thing about all their products? They’ve kicked those annoying tags out of every single piece of clothing! No more scratchy, heavy tags that kids totally can’t stand – how awesome is that? And the combo packs they offer-they’re not just awesome choices, they’re also wallet-friendly. So, no worries about tags or breaking the bank!

Where To Buy?

You can check out Mackly products for girls and boys and gift your kids comfort without breaking the bank. 

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This post is written in association with Mackley.

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