When Does Your Child Lose Confidence?

Does your child seem to be low on confidence? Is it because you are doing this? Read the article to know more!
Sad boy in sneakers with asperger’s syndrome sits alone in his room

Children often look upto their parents or guardians to form their self-esteem. We, parents and other caregivers can play a vital role in assisting our children in developing and maintaining their confidence throughout their path of self-discovery by addressing external influences, encouraging positive self-talk, creating a caring environment, and encouraging attainable goals and doing everything we can to boost their confidence.

Children are better prepared to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and prosper in all facets of their lives when they are given resilience, self-acceptance, and belief in their own skills. As parents, it is also our duty to be our kid’s safe place and that can only happen when they know they can come and tell you everything.

Don’t compare your kids so often that they start feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. We need to constantly remind ourselves that every child is different. We need to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and not look at it as differences. What they become in life depends on how we raised them and treated them as when kids.

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