Why Is Mars Called The Red Planet?

Did you know that Mars is often called, “Earth’s sister”? Let’s learn why. Listen to the full episode for all the fun facts about Mars!

Does your child get curious about everything in outer space? Why is Mars so red? What are Saturn’s rings made of?

Do you find it hard to answer all the questions?

Recently, my child found out that Mars is often called, “Earth’s sister”. She asked me why, so we bonded over researching fun facts about the red planet and made a podcast!

Here’s what we learned:

  • Why is Mars called Earth’s Sister?
  • Why is Mars Red in colour?
  • Is there water on Mars?

And so much more…

A study found out that 34% of parents admit their family doesn’t play together enough. I have been guilty of not spending quality time with her on some days, but let me tell you listening to the podcast this weekend just hit the spot for us.

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Listen to the entire podcast, this quick and interesting episode is going to engage your kids indoors! 

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