Workshop: How Graphotherapy Helps You Become A Better Parent

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The lockdown and the pandemic haven’t been easy on the world and we must say- parents n particular. Juggling between work, online classes and kids who are climbing the walls literally, there are a lot of factors that add to the stress of a modern-day parent.

Are you guilty of the following?

  • Reacting impulsively to an issue and regretting later?
  • Overthinking a problem that doesn’t exist at the moment? 
  • Questioning your abilities as a parent and if you are good enough for your child? 

If yes- then this course is for you. Renowned Graphologist Aditi Surana has curated this exclusive course for KSP Summer Fun Factory where she explains how graphology is an empirical study that helps analyse people and their characteristics and helps them address their anxieties in ways you didn’t know earlier. 

What’s in this bundle?

This bundle contains 6 videos of a total duration of 50 minutes 

Why do you need this? 

  • Aditi’s Journal Write Now Technique is what every parent needs to start off as a conscious habit-forming technique to address their fears, anxieties and parenting struggles. 
  • She explains the right way for parents to understand the difference between reaction and response.
  • She addresses the problem of overthinking as a parent and how this simple study helps put an end to that.

Go ahead- this course is FREE exclusively for SFF Premium customers

Access the Graphology workshop for parents here! 

We went live with Aditi Surana to understand a little more about what she does and what prompted her in that direction. Watch the video to know more


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