5 Lessons I Learnt From Hosting India’s 1st Sustainability Podcast For Families

I had the chance to speak to some amazing leaders in the Sustainability field on how to take that reluctant first step. Here’s what I learnt.

Sustainability isn’t a binary choice. It is not either you are fully in or out. Every baby step matters. Every single person’s initiative counts. To help make the planet a better place to live in. A better cocoon for our children’s future. ‘Coz remember. There is no Planet B.

When I launched India’s 1st Sustainability Podcast last year in association with Hindustan Unilever, SBI, and Vikaasa with Xynteo. We worked on educating our eager eco-warriors on how to manage their waste by sharing actionable tips, and tricks that will help us make that shift in our lifestyle. I had the chance to speak to some amazing leaders in the Sustainable Living field on how to take that reluctant first step and what things we need to be aware of, in our current lifestyle to make the change, like Kamana Gautam, Vani Murthy, Pragya Kapoor, Sonika Bhasin and Amita Deshpande. Here I have jotted the 5 things I learnt from each one of them. 

1. Segregation Is Key. And As The First Step To Sustainable Living. 

A simple and basic step that still many households avoid or are simply unaware of. Ensure not just your household but your entire community and building follows segregation and it helps prevent dumping in landfills that are non-decomposable and add to the pollution in today’s world. 

2. Be A Mindful Shopper. Say No To Plastic-Wrapped Groceries. 

You would have seen this in my team’s Xmas party photos or just about any package that you would have received from Kidsstoppress in the past. It’s okay if you haven’t yet emulated it, but it is essential we start today and now. Say no to plastic, especially in the numerous online grocery deliveries that you plan. Shop where they follow these sustainable practices. That makes a huge difference. 

3. Be Aware Of E-Waste And Why You Need To Dispose Them Right.  

How many of us are even aware of this? We tend to throw off our old chargers, old landline phones, old modems etc straight into the dry bin. But that’s not where they belong.  Learn more about and arrange for e-waste decomposition in your community.

4. Learn More About Composting And Implementing It In Your Homes Right Away: 

In all my conversations with the experts, if there is one thing I am really keen to learn more about, read more about and emulate in my home is the composting angle. How it helps us give back to Mother Nature is exceptional and I strongly believe this is one good thing we can all try as a simple first step in our homes. 

5. Be Aware Of How Your Small Choices And Acts Impact The Environment. Awareness Is Important. 

We often say things like “How does it matter if I don’t carry this cloth bag? How can I as an individual make an impact?”, etc. But that’s the thing about sustainability. And sustainable living. Small drops indeed make a mighty ocean. Have conversations about sustainable living with your kids. Get them books on the subject. And make a conscious decision to go sustainable as a family. And don’t be deterred by the challenges along your way. 

Remember there is no Planet B for our children. They deserve a cleaner and greener environment. We owe them that.

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