5 Things I Did With My Kids On Christmas To Make It Special


Christmas is such a special time of the year. The lights are strung up everywhere and you can see them twinkling for miles. The air has this festive feel that makes you want to smile. Among other things, the year is coming to a close…we have so much to be grateful for and the kids are excited about all the gifts they’re going to get from Santa Claus.

But there’s more to Christmas than gifts and decorating the house. I try and make Christmas special inside our home as well. These are a couple of things we do together and make the most of the festival.

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Decorating the tree & the house together. Doing up the tree & stringing up the lights helps bring the family together – creating memories & strengthening our bond.

Sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. That warm fuzzy feeling that you get drinking a cup of hot chocolate gives us complete Christmas vibes. We have an excellent recipe for Hot Chocolate mix on the channel by the way.

Food makes every occasion special. From cakes to gingerbread cookies to candy canes Christmas is a special time and food has the power to being everyone together. Sharing a few Xmas-inspired recipes for you to whip up!

Packing gifts together – Let them pack the gifts they have got for the family in their own special way – that personal touch everyone loves. We have a few gift-wrapping ideas that you’re sure to love.

Opening the gifts together as a family – Each gift given has a thought behind it and to sit together and open the gifts and be grateful for all that we have around us is what makes this festival special.

Every moment spent with your loved ones is a memory made and will always be special. Use every chance you have to hold on to them all.

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