6 Ways You Can Eat Corn On Cob Recipes (You Will Love Them All)

Make the most of this seasonal vegetable! Try out these yummy ways of eating corn on the cob. Tell us which was is your favourite!

It is the same story every monsoon. For me, there is only one and one thing only that signals that the next few months are going to be wet, slushy and filled with thunderstorms – and that is the smell of freshly roasted corn!

Yes, paeans have been written about the smell of fresh earth and the lilt in the air when the monsoons come rolling around, but for me, the smell of corn and those bursts of yellow through the green husk are enough. All through the season I try and have roasted/grilled corn with a squeeze of lemon and masala. But if you tend to get bored with just one topping for your grilled corn, then fret not! We have an entire list of ways you can make your grilled corn sing this season and be the absolute envy of anyone watching you eat!

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Good Old Indian Street Style Corn

Indian style corn_kidsstoppress

Image Source: recipetreasure.com

This is the type I was talking about above. The kind that makes my mouth water and my tastebuds sing! Roasted over a bed of charcoal, with crisp, black kernels peeking through the dark yellow ones – this style of corn is eaten best with a squeeze of lemon, a pinch of red chilli powder mixed with salt, and a generous swipe of a special green chutney. A quick second on the coals again just so the heat of the masalas tampers down and voila! you have your date for the evening! Yes, it is that good!

Mexican Street Style Corn 

grilled corn mexican_kidsstoppress

Image Source: www.recipeshubs.com

Aah, to be transported to the streets of Mexico! But if you don’t see yourself sitting on a plane anytime soon, here is how you can eat some Mexican style corn right here. Just grill your corn right on the con, then top with chilli powder, lime, finely chopped coriander, butter, and some cotija cheese. It is that simple!

Roasted Corn and Guacamole


Image Source: www.lecremedelacrumb.com

Two things that sing together – corn and guacamole! This recipe brings these two together in a way that we can just not stop eating it. There, we admit to it shamelessly! All you need to do is roast your corn, make your guac and just put everything together. It doesn’t get simpler or healthier than that! Get your guacamole recipe here

Grilled Corn With Honey Butter

grilled corn with honey butter_corn recipes_kidsstoppress

Image Source: suebee.com

Craving for something sweet as you watch the rain come down? Then try this! Grill some corn and wait for that moment when you can see each kernel about to burst with flavour. Take it off the grill and brush it with a mixture of honey, butter, salt, and pepper. Trust me when I say this, this is one corn you will never forget!

Italian Style Grilled Corn

Italian Style Grilled Corn_corn recipes_kidsstoppress

Image Source: www.foodnetwork.com

Feel like a little appetiser before your meal of antipasti and pasta? Then whip up a mix of parmesan, parsley and finely chopped garlic and roll your hot grilled corn in this mix. Enjoy!

Pesto Grilled Corn

Pesto Grilled Corn_corn recipes_kidsstoppress

Image Source: sweetcsdesigns.com

Have some healthy pesto leftover? Not anymore! Top your grilled corn (ok just go ahead and roll your corn) in pesto, parmesan and some chilli powder! True success.

This one is a must-share, do tell us which is your favourite way of eating the humble bhutta aka corn on the cob.

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