A Complete List Of The Best Alternative Schools In Delhi-NCR (Updated 2023)

Aarambh – Delhi Waldorf SchoolThe Waldorf method of education is based on the premise that it is not what is taught, but how and when – that’s what makes this approach unique. Ukti – The Delhi Waldorf SchoolUkti -The Delhi Waldorf School in Noida is inspired by the Waldorf education system and allows its students to develop and follow their own instincts. Website: Ukti Delhi Waldorf SchoolContact: 096544 45795Shikshantar – School of LearningShikshantar has a learner friendly approach to education. Website: ShikshantarContact: 0124-4889100Kunskapsskolan India – The Knowledge SchoolKunskapsskolan India is a day boarding school based in Gurugram and was started by a Swedish company in collaboration with an Indian counterpart.

The number of parents considering alternative schools have increased in the past years. Indian parents are aware and are partial to Montessori, Waldorf, Steiner philosophies and are realising that it is better than rote learning. Times have changed and the big metros have alternate schooling options which are definitely popular. While the serpentine queues for admissions might not die out, alternate schools have also made space in the Indian education system. Parents have started looking beyond the school’s academic track record and are now open to other factors too.

If you are a parent on the lookout for an unconventional school for your little one in Delhi, here’s a list you must consider!

 1. Aarambh – Delhi Waldorf School

alternative schools delhi

The Waldorf method of education is based on the premise that it is not what is taught, but how and when – that’s what makes this approach unique. Based in Vasant Kunj, Aarambh’s mission is to bring up individuals with strong moral character & good social skills. By integrating academic learning, physical activity, appreciation for the arts and moral responsibility in their students they appeal to the head, heart and hands, i.e., to reach children through all their senses.

Waldorf is the fastest growing alternate curriculum in the world and the faculty at Aarambh are striving to build a complete grade school in Delhi. They currently have classes for kindergarten and lower grades only.

Website: Aarambh Delhi Waldorf School

Contact: 9971968969

2. Mirambika – Free Progress School

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This school is way ahead of its times and its educating policies are based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It’s situated on the Sri Aurobindo Campus in Delhi. The key components of the culture of this free progress school are respecting the individual and a freedom which demands inner discipline.

The stress is on child-centric value-oriented education. The curriculum is customized to each child with no strong subject divides, no mainstream examination or testing instead, there is continuous and ongoing feedback and evaluation. They have students from the age of 4 to 15 years. The school is not affiliated to any board and their students follow the National Institute for Open Schooling.

Website: Mirambika – Free Progress School

Contact: 011-26863741

3. Aritram Waldorf

alternative schools delhi

This school which is a parent led, not-for-profit school that began operations in April 2022. With 5 full time teachers and 22 enrolled students, they have just begun their journey as a Waldorf inspired institution. Aritram provides a nurturing, joyful and media free ambience with a dynamic curriculum which integrates arts in all academic discipline. They are a strong community of families that have come together to set up this school and are actively engaged in the running of the school.

Contact: 9891013364 / 9811442927

Website: Aritram Waldorf Noida

Shikshantar – School of Learning

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Shikshantar has a learner friendly approach to education. The cultural and pedagogical aspects are introduced to the students keeping their readiness and requirements in mind. Learning is facilitated keeping in mind the specific requirements like age of the children. The emphasis points at each age are based on children’s readiness, appropriateness of the curriculum and challenges suitable to take them to the next level of education.

 Every class in Shikshantar has a distinct identity influenced by the facilitators and the children. Each group has a name. The groups are named after the elements- Water, Wind, Earth, Fire and Ether to help children of all ages build connections with the philosophical and social understanding and interpretation of the elements. Kids are engaged in projects every day of the week and are happy to come to school every day since there is no real burden on them to perform.

Website: Shikshantar

Contact: 0124-4889100

Kunskapsskolan India – The Knowledge School

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Kunskapsskolan India is a day boarding school based in Gurugram and was started by a Swedish company in collaboration with an Indian counterpart. They believe every child is different and has different thresholds to learn and imbibe things. Their curriculum (referred to as the KED Program) is based on the concept of personalized and individualized learning and attention that each child receives

 Focusing on the child and their needs is what drives the educational model of Kunskapsskolan. With guidance from their coach/ tutor, the students are taught to identify, set and work towards their own personal goals. The KED program challenges students to stretch their boundaries and construct a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. All subjects in Kunskapsskolan are organised in steps and themes. They follow the CBSE/IGCSE boards.

Website: KED

Contact: 0124-4419999

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