Tarla Dalal | The Mother| Culinary Queen Of India – Renu Dalal Talks To Us

Indian kitchens were made happier by Tarla Dalal, the country’s culinary queen. Families gathered around her recipes. With the release of the biopic “Tarla,” her daughter Renu Dalal reveals the real Tarla.

When you think Tarla Dalal – what comes to your mind?

An ever-smiling spectacled lady dishing out the most divine food & yummy khaana, right? I think all of us who grew up in the 90s had at least one of her cookbooks.

With her creative recipes and captivating personality, Tarla Dalal affectionately referred to as the culinary queen of India, charmed generations of people. She became well-known because of her cookbooks and television appearances, but she was also a devoted mother and wife before she built her culinary empire.

Tarla Dalal’s recipes had a profound influence on Indian kitchens, leaving behind a lasting culinary legacy. Everyone felt they could be accomplished chefs in their own homes thanks to her meals.

Renu Dalal is a chef in her own right but she’s also her mother’s daughter who has taken over the responsibility of maintaining and extending Tarla’s culinary legacy in the same manner as her mother.

With the upcoming release of the movie ‘Tarla’ this week we chatted with Renu Dalal, Tarla Dalal’s daughter. Renu Dalal reveals her mother’s life in the upcoming biopic, “Tarla.”

Our conversation was such a treat. I love that we come across so many different people at Kidsstopress, and we get a glimpse of their world.

Renu Dalal talks to Mansi Zaveri about

  • Their birthday parties and the tiffin they took to school as kids
  • How their dad was her support system & she didn’t give up till he gave his approval and said it was 10 out 10
  • How important her classes were to her and the family
  • The importance of food pairing to make any dinner party successful

and so much more. It is a conversation you should definitely not miss!

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You can check out the movie trailer here

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