Best YouTube Channels With Educational Videos For Kids

Sketch a timetable that involves both play and learning. Make it sound exciting and sit with them to watch these videos that help teach them a concept or two new, this week.

The biggest challenge a parent faces today is to engage their children at home either when it is raining outside or it is too hot. For the little ones, we are still ok, I would say, as we can ensure they learn from the bigger kids and the simpler concepts. But what about the grade-schoolers and older kids? We have heard how a long leave can cause learning loss and make them forget the concepts they learnt. 

Don’t let that happen to your kids. Sketch a timetable that involved both play and learning. Make it sound exciting and sit with them to watch these videos that help teach them a concept or two new, this week. Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below. 

1) Alphablocks:

Age- 3-5

Subject– An animated series that teaches children the basics of reading and spelling through fun adventures with letter characters.

2) Brainchild:

Age- 8 and above

Subject- A show that explores a wide range of scientific topics and concepts, making learning engaging and entertaining for young viewers.

3) Numberblocks:

Age- 3-6

Subject- An animated program that introduces math concepts and numbers to children using characters that represent different numbers.

4) Crash Course Kids:

Age- 8-14

Subject- An educational YouTube channel that offers informative videos on various subjects, designed to make learning exciting for kids.

5) Storybots:

Age- 3-8

Subject- An interactive series that follows a group of characters as they answer curious questions about the world around us, covering topics from science to history.

6) Bright Side:

Age- Under 20

Subject- An online platform that provides informative and educational content on a variety of subjects, offering quick and interesting facts.

7) Ted-Ed:

Age- 6-18s

Subject-A platform featuring educational animations and lessons created by educators, covering a wide range of subjects for learners of all ages.

8) Netflix Jr:

Age- 8-14

Subject- A section of Netflix that offers a collection of kid-friendly shows and movies, providing entertainment while also incorporating educational elements.

9) BrainPop:

Age- 5- 18

Subject- An online platform that offers animated educational content on various subjects, helping students grasp complex concepts through engaging visuals.

10) Art For Kids Hub:

Age– 5 years and below

Subject- A YouTube channel that provides step-by-step drawing tutorials for kids, making art fun and accessible for young creative minds.

11. Crash Course Kids 


Subject: Science concepts such as Earth, Habitats, Space, Chemical Reactions, Engineering and more. They haven’t done new videos in a while but the old ones are worth watching.

12. National Geographic Kids 

Age: 6+

Subject: Videos featuring awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and more.

13. Peekaboo Kidz


Subject: A range of educational videos of science and know-how along with English songs and phonics songs for kids that makes it a package of fun + educational.

14. Kids Learning Tube 


Subject: A new video every week on popular learning topics and current affairs for kids that teach them about things around them.

15. It’s Aum Sum Time 

Age: 7+

Subject: Deals with Science, Maths Physics, Chemistry & Biology videos for kids and teachers.

16. Sci Show Kids

Age: 5+

Subject: This channel explores all those curious topics that make us ask “why?”

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