Chique Factor | How I Balanced Work, Kids And A Divorce At 20? (Roshni Get’s Candid)

Once you accept your situation and the reality around it, you will be able to move forward and conquer everything. Roshni Bhatia from Chique Factor decided to divorce her husband when she was pregnant with her son. She wanted a safe and positive environment for herself & her child. She feels very strongly about the labels society give women in general and she feels no woman needs to succumb to them. Why take on the pressure of adhering to labels that don’t define you. Watch her talk to us about her journey as 20 yr old single mom to raising her son, creating a brand and remarrying.

Roshni Bhatia of @chiquefactor was pregnant when she called off her marriage and decided that she did not want her child growing up in a negative environment. Nor did she want it for herself. She faced a fair amount of backlash. 

Some of the questions she got asked included

  • How will you manage to be a single mom?
  • Did you face domestic violence?
  • How will you provide for your son and yourself if you are a single parent?
  • Are you scared of being a single mom and the breadwinner?
  • How will you balance work and home?

Roshni is extremely vocal and has been strong about her convictions from the beginning. She had her share of doubts and down days. But she is a strong believer in the fact that you have to help yourself. If your spirit stays positive you can overcome just about everything. Put your faith in God and take the steps you need to achieve the life you want.

Being labelled is something she detests. A woman is labelled from the moment she’s born. Is she supposed to dress like this – she’s a mom? Is a mom supposed to behave like this? Don’t give in to the pressures society puts on you. Roshni went to college after her son was born and thought she was extremely apprehensive, she’s made a huge success of her life. She says

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will

Listen this podcast to know more about Roshni Bhatia’s journey as a single mom, to setting up a brand and remarrying. 

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