Teen Mental Health: How Parents Can Help

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Mental health came to the limelight amidst the lockdown and finally, the world acknowledged it as a “real problem”. Especially when it came to teenagers. Teen mental health is a topic we as parents should be more concerned with. Nowadays, the social media-saturated world has raised the bar for unrealistic standards for teenagers.

Why Is It Important For Parents To Know About Teen Mental Health?

Because as parents we must be the first people our kids come to for any and everything. And when it concerns something as serious as mental health, we should be aware of it for our kids to be able to feel comfortable about telling us.

Mansi Zaveri wrote an article about this for BW WELLBEING WORLD, where she spoke about how parents could help their teens when it comes to mental health.

Read the whole article here: https://ksp.noesis.dev/press/teen-mental-health-how-parents-can-help/

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