Colicky Baby? Try These Home Remedies

Does your little one start to cry uncontrollably in the evening? That could be a sign of colic. This mom shares her tried and tested home remedies with us to help make life simpler for every new mom.

A colicky child may be every mom’s worst nightmare. But rather than have tempers flaring and frustration get out of hand, it is important to understand what causes colic. Colic is a term used to describe uncontrollable crying in infants. Colic is not a disease and will subside when the baby turns about four months of age. Loud, high pitched crying episodes that start and stop roughly around the same time are characteristic of colic.

Colicky babies may also display symptoms of gassy tummies caused by the baby swallowing excessive air during colic episodes.

Symptoms of colic include

  • Cry for what seems like no reason — even when she/he doesn’t need to eat or have her diaper changed
  • Start to cry in the evening, or at the same time every day
  • Make sounds that are more intense than normal — more like a high-pitched scream than a cry
  • Not be soothed, even when you feed or rock her
  • Have a bloated tummy
  • Have a red, flushed face when she cries
  • Pass gas while she sheds tears, often because she’s swallowed air
  • Tighten her stomach muscles

My baby and I suffered through a colic phase and I clearly remember how I used to dread the evening hours when my daughter would just go into this intense crying mode.


Apart from giving a few drops of medicine advised by my doctor, I followed these simple home remedies for colic that helped us get through this phase and made things easier when she would cry helplessly. Once again these are all tried and tested home remedies that worked for my child. Please make sure to check with your doctor before giving any of these to your little one.

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