Common Monsoon Diseases In Kids To Watch Out For

With monsoon soon approaching, here’s a head’s up on the common diseases you should watch out for when it comes to your little one.
common monsoon diseases

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Summer is coming to an end and this climate change is sure to bring with it some humidity and therefore its own set of diseases to disrupt ours and our children’s lives. It happens every year and we’re still caught by surprise when there’s a fever, a cold or cough. If that’s the case at your home, give this a read- Click here

From incessant coughing to having to take days off from school because of the fevers, this time is rife with disruptions. Instead of trying to solve it with medication here are a few homemade remedies you can try this time around.

I’m so tired of me and my family catching all sorts of infectious diseases in the monsoon days. Treating them is fine but wouldn’t it better to get ahead of it and avoid it altogether. You’ve felt this too? Then there’s a few things that we can do to help! Get ready for monsoon and beat those illnesses before they even get to us.

From general health practices to diet here’s what we can do to stop those pesky viruses and mosquitoes this rainy season. Leafy greens help a lot here’s how- Iron Rich Foods Every Indian Mom Must Include This Monsoon.

Mumbai paediatrician Dr. Nihar Parekh has so efficiently broken down the different types of monsoon diseases we need to look out for- how to prevent them and how they should be tackled. It is a must listen!

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