Are You Always Fighting With Your Child? Here’s How You Can Change That

Watch this exclusive video with Dr Shefali, World’s leading clinical psychologist on how to embrace conscious parenting to bond better with your kids.

Around 10 years ago when I grabbed a copy of Conscious Parenting by Dr Shefali, the book made me sit up and take notice. It was the nascent stage of my launching And amidst all the chaos and noise surrounding today’s parents, Dr. Shefali had spoken her heart out in a book that made us rethink how we are raising our children. We are always looking out for them and want the best for them, but do our actions coincide with our thoughts and aspirations?

Her book was rich with insights and practical strategies for parents to connect with their children in a deeper and more meaningful way. And that, I realised, was the key to creating a better bonding with your child and raising them mindfully in today’s chaotic world.

And years later, after a sustained effort, it was my delight and absolute honour as she did an interview for the very first time for a media house in the Indian subcontinent, and it has to be with-!

I asked her questions on conscious parenting, why it is important in today’s fast-paced world, why Indian parents are too invested in their children and about her new book “Parenting Map” that’s already my new favourite!

Dr. Shefali stressed the importance of adopting a growth mindset, which focuses on effort and learning, rather than just the end result. She also emphasized the need to stop seeing children as puppets to be controlled and moulded, and instead, view them as unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings.

My favourite part of the interview was when Dr Shefali urged mothers not to doubt their self-worth, reminding them that they are doing the best they can and that their love and support are invaluable to their children.

Go ahead and watch this exclusive video or on our exclusive podcast. Share the video with a fellow parent to help them ease out their journey and in turn, help in #SimplifyingParenting.

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