Decoding Your Baby’s Poop- When You Should Be Worried

If you are a new parent who is worried and confused about your little one’s poop colour- you are not alone. Here’s help!

I clearly remember the first time I saw it. Amidst all the excitement and flowers and gifts, I completely forgot it. After a while, my mom brought me to my senses, and I realised it was time. I had to do it. With a confused mind and a blank look- I was ready for the task. The ‘poop’ bomb in my child’s tiny diaper had to be detonated!

And the first look got me more confused than anything else! It was a colour that I wouldn’t normally associate with poop. The doctors and my mom then had to reassure me that the first stool that the baby passed was always this scary in colour and I had nothing to worry about.

And then the cycle followed, every few weeks the poop would be a different colour and it would throw me completely off rails again. I got so accustomed to calling the doctor and having detailed (and oftentimes lengthy!) discussions about the colour, nature, and texture of my baby’s poop. As parents this is yet another one of those things we get used to –  we take pride in noticing even the slightest changes in our baby’s everyday routine and that applies to poop too! That is why we have a handy ‘Know Your Potty’ downloadable that tells you what you always wanted to ask- but were too shy to do so! Thank us later!

Dr Nihar Parekh, Mumbai-based Paediatrician broke it down for us in this handy video on what you m just u nderstand about your new born’s poop colour and when you should actually be worried.

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