Don’t Blame Your Children For Holding You Back On Your Dreams


Today I am writing to you about a topic that’s once again close to my heart. Something that I have often been asked. Something that we inadvertently believe as parents. 

Is parenthood really the full stop to one’s career?

As a working mother for more than a decade and a half, I strongly disagree. Yes, it pauses one’s career. Changes the course of direction sometimes. And for some, it does temporarily stop. But it is never really THE END. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! 

I quit my flourishing corporate career when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and started Kidsstoppress to do something that I believed in. Something that I liked. Something that I wanted to do. To fuel my passion and dreams. Of course, I had a brilliant support system that helped (and continues to help me today) me do what I did.

But is it fair for parents to blame their children for the lack of realisation of their dreams? 

Some of the most successful brands out there are parent-led ventures- we have seen that every year at the KSP Awards. Parent-led ventures are one of the most popular categories and nominations pour in, which makes me so happy! Honestly, curating the final top 10 is the most challenging task for us t the KSP Awards internal team. But that goes to show one thing. Innovation and parenthood go hand-in-hand. Some of the most unique solutions to the most complex problems are often thought of by parents- ‘coz we have seen such situations in our parenting journey! 

Then how is it fair to blame our children? Yes, we would have paused our careers so we focus on them better. So we spend more time with them. But beyond a period of time, the decision to continue to realise our dreams or not is up to US. NOT THE KIDS. Unlike the judgmental society encircling us, they never tell us not to do this, that; not to work long hours; not to aim high etc. They silently watch as WE either grow high or shed silent tears. 
Do not blame your children for not being able to realising your dreams. That will be a burden they carry for life.

Remember- children don’t hold you back. YOU hold you back.

For everyone who asks me for tips on work-life balance or how I manage to raise my daughters and my company- there’s just one piece of advice. YOU BE YOURSELF. Forget what the naysayers say. Forget how society will judge you. Fight your inner demons like self-doubt, mommy guilt etc and step out in pride. Take the first foot forward. Whatever your path, own it. 

Your children will be your loudest cheerleaders.

What’s been your biggest dream that has been put on the backburner ever since parenthood? Tell me in the comments below

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