Keeping Cool & Healthy: The Significance of Prenatal Care in Summer

During pregnancy, summer heat can have detrimental effects on both mommy and baby. Stay hydrated, avoid outdoor activities, choose breathable fabrics, and practice cooling techniques for a smoother and safer journey.
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Pregnancy is a physically exhausting journey for most mothers. With the growing baby, the pregnant mother’s body goes through a whirlwind of changes and her surroundings play a strong catalyst during this phase. While dealing with rising heat every year is cumbersome for every individual, for pregnant women these soaring temperatures come with additional repercussions.

In such times it becomes more than imperative to work towards taking care of the pregnant mother’s body holistically while focusing on aspects that will help keep her body cool and optimally functioning for the betterment of her growing baby.

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy itself is a phase that sees a rise in internal body temperatures.

However, it is lesser known to most that, for every 1-degree rise of temperature in the mother’s body, the baby could see a rise in its temperature by almost 2 degrees. 

The impact of increasing body temperature would then increase the heart rate of the mother followed by that of the baby, beginning a vicious cycle of the mother’s body going into an overload to function & therefore resulting in the baby’s body overworking as well. This is a common reason for pregnant women to feel exceptionally drained, sapped and famished during the summer months.

In the early stages of pregnancy, an excessive rise in body temperature has been found to increase the risk of birth defects or placental insufficiency as well. Further pregnancy complications due to an over-heated mother’s body could include excessive Braxton Hicks contractions, headaches, dizziness and blackouts. Fluid accumulation could see an increase in the body as well and swelling of hands or feet is more predominant in pregnant mothers during the summer months.

Tips To Make The Summer Months During The Pregnancy A Smoother Phase:

Hydration Is Key

Aim at consuming 2-2.5 litres of liquid throughout the day. Incorporate buttermilk, coconut water, chia-infused fluids to draw water into the intestines, and mint and berry-based water infusions to help touch the fluid consumption goals.

Restrict Outdoor Movements

Restrict outdoor movements to hours that avoid mid-day sun to prevent the body from overheating.

Avoid Vigorous Exercise Routines

Avoid vigorous exercise routines, especially outdoors. Instead try indoor yoga, well-ventilated Lamaze sessions, light Pilates and functional movement-based activities. Swimming is an excellent exercise regime for pregnant women during the summer months.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Choose fabrics for garments that allow the body to keep cool, prevent sweat accumulation and prevent body constriction.

Cool Down With A Damp Washcloth

In case the body feels overheated, use a damp washcloth on points like the temples, forehead and neck to help bring down the body temperature quickly.

Eat Home-Cooked Meals

Focus on lighter smaller meals at regular intervals of 2-3 hours to prevent acidity, headaches, bloating and indigestion. Stick to home-cooked meals over outside food, especially during the day hours.

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Practice Breathing

Practice breathing exercises morning and evening to help regulate body temperature, optimize circulation and ventilate the system optimally for both the mother & the growing child.

Ice Packs & Ice Chips

Ice packs & Ice chips Ice packs can be a great way to help combat the heat externally while ice chips infused with chia, lemon and mint can work wonders to cool the system internally. Applying icepacks to the feet, palms & cheeks has proven to be most effective in cooling the body.

Water-Based Lotions

Avoid thicker oils and creams on the body. Instead, opt for lighter water-based lotions, that will not clog the sweat glands and block sweating.

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