Summer Pregnancy: Staying Cool & Nourished With Proper Nutrition

Stay cool mama-to-be! Hydrate with zucchini, cantaloupes, and yoghurt’s probiotics. Treat yourself to refreshing fruit popsicles. Enjoy the summer glow!
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Raging hormones, the body working round the clock for the growing baby, and heightened cardiovascular functioning are enough to get any pregnant mother to break into a sweat.

Add to this, the soaring temperatures in this peak summer heat that are leaving expecting mothers drained, panting & unable to cope.

Summer brings with it its fair share of challenges for pregnant mums, but nutritionally focusing on certain foods can help cool the system, keep pregnancy-related health conditions at bay & beat the heat.

Food To Stay Cool When You’re Pregnant


Known to have one of the highest water content levels, zucchinis help with their natural hydrating properties and will add nutritional value with potassium, folate & Vitamin C.


Seasonal & best in summers, cantaloupes pack in natural sugars, vitamin A to strengthen the immune system & red blood cells that are thriving during pregnancy, and the much-needed fibre to aid in digestion & prevent constipation. Rich in water, this melon family fruit is packed with benefits.


A combination of protein, good fat, and calcium coupled with water. Yoghurt proves to be an excellent source of natural probiotic that helps keep the gut cool, prevent an upset stomach, relieve pregnancy & heat-induced acidity, & reduce sugar spikes in the blood levels.

Fruit Popsicles:

Think berries, mangoes, cucumbers, lemon & mint, popsicles can be the best natural sweet treat to give respite from the heat while adding water to the body in the most fun ways nutritionally. Keeping sugar consumption to a bare minimum, this easy-to-prepare snack option can prove to be an on-the-go hassle-free favourite.


Think of the goodness of potassium, magnesium and fibred all packed into one. Bananas will help against cramps, and aid in building haemoglobin levels. They also help bind the gut while absorbing stomach acids, aiding digestion & optimizing nutrient absorption.

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Greens are hydrophilic in nature & help increase water content in the body naturally. Rich in iron in every way, greens help boost the production of red blood cells, reducing chances of anaemia & helping fetal development.

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Points To Remember:

  • Reduce caffeine intake as caffeine is dehydrating in nature & will further sap the body of water levels.
  • Stick to lighter, smaller meals to help digestion and prevent bloating, acid reflux & belching.
  • Fluid intake should be maintained at 2-2.5 litres a day.

Summer can pose challenges for pregnant mothers due to hormonal changes, increased body temperature, and heightened cardiovascular functioning. However, focusing on nutrition can help expectant mothers stay cool, maintain good health, and beat the heat. Incorporating certain foods into their diet can provide hydration, and essential nutrients, and alleviate common pregnancy-related conditions.

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