Nutritional Benefits Of Ragi For Kids (Recipes Included)

There are a number of ways you can eat ragi you can prepare ragi porridge or nachni rotla or ragi dosa or ragi cookies.

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Ragi or finger millet is a whole grain that is gluten–free and a staple in South India. It is an immune-boosting superfood and is rich in proteins and minerals. There are a number of ways you can eat ragi – you can prepare ragi porridge or nachni rotla or ragi dosa or ragi cookies.

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Benefits Of Ragi For Children

Calcium Booster –  It is rich in calcium (344 mg/ 100 gms), so replace the calcium tablets for your children with ragi instead. Calcium is critical for healthy bones and teeth and prevention of osteoporosis – a disease which weakens the bones. Children need some dietary supplements for healthy bone and teeth development and strength and ragi can be the best option for your child.

Fibre – Ragi has a high fibre content. The fibre helps kids to digest their food easily and keeps constipation at bay. The high fibre content in ragi manages the level of cholesterol in kids too, preventing obesity.

Treats Anaemia – Anaemia is a common problem among women and children. Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron and therefore a great option for anaemic patients with low haemoglobin levels. When ragi is allowed to sprout, the vitamin C levels tend to increase, which will aid in higher absorption of iron in the body.

Prevents Infections – Ragi is rich in antioxidants and helps to prevent ailments like cough, cold, and fever which are very common among children.

Brain Relaxant – Kids are very active and full of energy. Ragi is abundant in amino acids, such as tryptophan, which can make children feel relaxed and restore their energy levels.

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