Is A Tablespoon Of Sugar Every Day Too Much? – Nutritionist Neha Sahaya

Not sure about sugar and how is affects you? How much is too much and should you cut it out completely? So many questions. Get your answers from an expert – nutritionist Neha Sahaya shares her views.

There are a few things we can all say for sure about sugar. Number one, it tastes great. And number two? It’s really, really confusing.

While we can all agree that sugar isn’t exactly a healthy food, there’s a lot of misinformation about how sweet stuff should factor into your diet — if at all. For instance, are some types of sugar healthier than others? And will cutting it out really put you on the fast track to losing weight, easing acne, staving off mood swings, or any other health woes?

The impact of sugar on health depends on various factors such as the amount consumed, the type of sugar, and an individual’s overall diet and lifestyle. While sugar is a source of energy, excessive consumption of added sugars can have negative effects on health.

We asked nutritionist Neha Sahaya about all the myths surrounding sugar and this is what she said

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If you are worried about your child being obese or overweight then you should hear what Neha Sahaya has to say about that too

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