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Delightful short movies for family time! Journey with curious minds, heartwarming friendships & magical adventures. Create cherished memories together!

We know that spending quality time with our little ones is precious. What better way to create cherished memories than by enjoying heartwarming short movies together? In this article, we bring you a collection of enchanting short films perfect for a cozy family movie night. Each film promises to whisk you away on a delightful adventure, leaving you and your kids with lasting smiles.

Folded Wish

A heartwarming animated short film about a young girl who creates a special origami wish for her grandfather, hoping to reconnect with him.

Inner Workings

An animated short from Disney that humorously depicts the internal struggle between a man’s practical side and his adventurous desires.

Coin Operated

This short film follows a little boy who embarks on a cosmic adventure using a spaceship he finds inside a vending machine.

One Small Step

A touching animated story of a young Chinese-American girl aspiring to be an astronaut, capturing her journey, determination, and the support of her father.

Hair Love

A heartwarming story of a father’s attempt to style his daughter’s hair for the first time, showcasing the importance of love, family, and self-acceptance.

The Box:

Follow the imaginative journey of a young boy who receives a mysterious box that holds secrets beyond his wildest dreams. Hair LoveA tale that teaches the power of curiosity and the beauty of discovery.

Miles To Fly:

Join an adventurous paper plane as it sets out to explore the world, touching upon themes of friendship, courage, and the boundless spirit of exploration.

Let’s Eat:

A delightful food-filled adventure that takes your little ones on a scrumptious journey through the magic of friendship, flavors, and the joy of sharing a meal.


An inspiring and heartwarming story of a determined boy named Ian who embraces his uniqueness, teaching us the importance of acceptance and empathy.

For The Birds:

This animated gem explores the unexpected friendship between a group of small birds and a larger, unusual-looking bird. It charmingly illustrates the power of compassion and embracing differences.


Witness the captivating tale of a young sandpiper learning to overcome fear and discover newfound courage as it ventures into the world of the crashing waves.

The Wrong Rock:

This hilarious and touching film narrates the story of a determined penguin who tries to find its place in the world, leaving children with a powerful message about self-discovery and perseverance.

Snack Attack:

Get ready for giggles as you watch a group of industrious ants attempt to claim a tasty picnic snack. A delightful reminder of the value of teamwork and resourcefulness.


A mesmerizing story that takes you on a magical journey through the evolution of life, captivating both young minds and parents alike with its artistic brilliance.

The Snowman:

A classic wintertime tale about a boy and his enchanted snowman, reminding us of the beauty of innocence and the magic of friendship.


Prepare to be moved by the heartwarming story of a tiny, neglected dog named Pip who discovers the true meaning of belonging and love.

The Joy Story:

Experience a heartwarming journey of a lost red balloon, revealing the simple yet profound joys of life and the beauty of small moments.

Caterpillar Shoes:

A delightful tale of a caterpillar with a unique gift – shoes! This endearing story teaches the value of individuality and embracing our special talents.

The Present:

A touching story of a boy and his new pet, The Present wonderfully portrays the transformative power of companionship and love.


In this beautifully animated film, a wind-up toy embarks on an adventure of self-discovery, inspiring viewers to embrace their true selves.


Experience a whimsical journey alongside an umbrella that brings unexpected magic to a gray and rainy world, reminding us that joy can be found in the simplest things.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below about which one was your child’s favourite.

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