Simple Hacks For Children To Avoid Boredom

It is such an irony that the more we have things to engage us, the more we experience boredom! Here are some hacks that can help!

It is such an irony that the more we have things to engage us, the more we experience boredom! Thanks to the onslaught of digital technology, those little mobile tyrants in our pockets are always buzzing! Yet, we keep hearing kids (why even adults!) repeat that one line that sums up their perennial condition: I AM BORED

So how do you allow this human condition to power your kids instead of dipping them into despair and depression?

Here Are Some Quick Hacks To Beat Boredom:

  • Get moving
Father With Children Playing Soccer In Park Together Smiling

The overuse of digital devices is turning kids into couch potatoes. It’s time to get their energy moving. Physical sport of any kind, preferably a new kind can get them out of the daily routine. From cycling, swimming, cricket, running, and riding, there is always something to learn. In fact, learning a new sport also comes with a free pair of wings that helps you soar above the monstrous monotony and generate a healthy dose of dopamine.

  • Befriend nature

How about waking up to milking cows, working on grass mowers, moving around in tractors, feeding pigs, catching chickens, working in the gardens, fixing fences, pulling weeds, fixing watering systems, and watching the land expanse? One thing’s for sure, you will have a new friend: Mother Nature. So plan a day to see a wondrous new farm, walk in the greens, wade through rivers and streams, roll in the mud, and discover the farmtastic world.

  • Deep clean your personal space

There is always a cobweb lurking somewhere in your closet, library, show cabinet, desk – every little nook and corner that has been unexplored for a while. Arm the kids with the cleaning brigade of disinfectants, dusters, and loads of bravado to face the dust mites and their own resistance to dig the layers of dust. With every peel, scrub, scoop, and swipe, the energy gets lighter and more vibrant. Let them discover the fun of cleaning up ad the value of decluttering. One thing’s for sure, their mental health would also be uplifted.

  • Handcraft for your Bestie

It is easiest to press a button and order something or buy a gift off a rack in a store. But how about using your hands to create. We’ve grown so used to use all our little technical gadgets, that we’ve entirely forgotten the joy of making something. You don’t even have to be a Master craftsman/ a trained sculptor, a potter or a skilled painter/artist. All it takes is the intention of turning an idea into reality. Certainly not a modern preoccupation but it can offer a great sensory experience. Go back to the simple crafts. And make a special gift for besties. It is one of the most valuable activities that would certainly raise the kid’s emotional quotient (EQ) besides killing boredom.

  • It’s Zoo-Time

Ever heard of the oft repeated saying ‘the more I know of man, the more I love my dog!’ Did you know that animals (including birds) emit magical fibres of joy, without them even knowing it? Head out to the zoo. Just being with these non-verbal beings brings a smile evoked by a feather, fur, eyes, sounds, gait. Let the kids watch them in their habitat as they meander around, each expressing their own nature—feel dazzled by the diversity of temperaments and their little dens and nests and how they bond with their own space. There’s enough and more to fascinate the human mind about creatures that reek of simplicity and beauty at the same time. Any chance for boredom to stick around? Nah. In fact the kids will come back recharged and happy!

The author has Hack The Boredom Code- aimed at kids 9+. Review coming up on KSP Book Club newsletter this week!

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