Tools & Tips To Make Cooking Fun For Kids

If you want to get your kids to fall in love with food, these little gadgets could really help. Buy them here and you may just give your budding chef at home a chance to learn new things.

For me, cooking has always been more than just putting a meal on the table. My love for experimenting in the kitchen hadn’t got transferred to the kids as much as I would have liked to. I think one of the reasons was also the scare that with a knife or any fire involved it could be potentially dangerous.

But I have recently bought the following things and I have to tell you not only are my kids excited about getting into the kitchen, but my son who’s a really fussy eater has started experimenting and trying new things. We bought a kids cookbook and the KSP 50 Indian Meal Plan Book that my kids have been going through and every few days they come back from school and I can see them pouring over the book to see what they will cook today. One simple rule – if you cook then you have to eat. Seems to be working so far.

This is what I have added to my kitchen

Curious Chef Nylon Knives

These knives are ergonomically suited for your child’s tiny hands. They are made keeping their safety in mind. They may seem a little steep for knives but the excitement that was generated when the kids were given their own knife was amazing.  These amazing children’s knives with a serrated edge and a blunt tip allow them to be part of the action and learn to become great little chefs. They are recommended for kids 5 years and above. 

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Cookie Cutters

I know you probably think what’s the big thing about cookie cutters. Like I said before, my son has always been picky. When I bought these cookie cutters, I also told him he could choose what he wanted to take for tiffin. So then he started experimenting with the cookie cutters – one day was bunny-shaped carrots & the next he made teddy shaped cheese sandwiches. I have another set of steel cookie cutters as well. We use these to make different shaped eggs & pancakes. 

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Air Fryer

This has really made my life easier. Whether the kids want fries or the chicken cutlets I have frozen and kept in the fridge, they can now operate it on their own. I am around when they’re flipping it around or trying to take the food out since the container is hot. He made some yum baked carrot sesame fries the other day. This is definitely a healthier way of snacking and it keeps them busy and me, less stressed. 

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Finger Protector During Chopping

This one is a keeper even for me. How many times have you chopped off your nail while slicing the onions? Too many times for me to even count. Now when the kids want to slice up some carrots and tomatoes for their salad, I don’t hover over them. With the silicon knife and this finger protector, I know that’s sorted.  

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Digital Weighing Scale

Baking can be so much easier and a lot more fun for all of us. A digital weighing scale does make it all simpler. Most cookbooks come with weight in grams. Earlier every time my daughter wanted to bake, she would get flour or sugar all over my phone trying to convert from grams to cups. Not anymore! The scale is a great addition.

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Non-Slip Bottom Mixing Bowls

This set of non-slip bowls is perfect when kids are in the kitchen. In their excitement to get right into cooking, things tend to tip over quite easily. Using bowls that have a comfortable rubber handle for secure and steady grip and non-skid rubber bottom ensures that things don’t go flying off the table anymore. These bowls stand stable even on smooth surfaces like stainless steel metal kitchen top or glass table for an uninterrupted mixing.

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Silicon Rolling Pin

Traditional rolling pins were typically made of wood or metal making them heavy and difficult to control, especially for small hands. A silicon rolling pin is actually excellent because not only does nothing stick to it, it helps cuts cooking, baking, and clean up time in half!  Also since it is non-porous, it’s actually more hygienic. These are made with food-grade silicone to keep you safe.

Shope Here

And get yourself the KSP 50 Indian Meal Plans Book so that you are never stressed about food again. You can shop for it right here. Pre-orders are open so you should get your hands on one before we run out!

Before you get them started in the kitchen, make some ground rules

  • Wash your hands before you touch food
  • Clean as you go along. 
  • Always be aware of things in the kitchen especially when you are cooking with heat.
  • Always have an adult around the kitchen 
  • Knives of any kind are dangerous, so be careful.
  • Learn to listen to instructions – this is very important.

Parents if you have allowed them into the kitchen let the rise to the challenge and make some mistakes. But most importantly have fun with your kids in the kitchen and see where their passion for food and cooking takes them!

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