Why I Chose The MacBook Air 15″ For My Kids (Fav Apps + Savings)

If you are looking for a device while kids go back to school & university then here is what I would totally recommend: Read this to know my review on the new MacBook Air 15″

Today, a device has become an extension of our being. My kids are constantly on a device and when they study, I want them to have access to the best devices the market has to offer.

If you know me you also would know how much I love Apple products – the MacBook, my Apple Watch & the iPad Air. I am also obsessed with using time-saving tools and being productive & efficient is extremely important to me.

From classes to notes to making presentations, kids are doing it all now. And as a parent, I know how important it is for my kids to have the right tools for their academic journey.

That’s why I believe the new MacBook Air 15″ is a perfect choice for them. It stands out as an ideal choice, boasting 18 hours of battery life, Airdrop, a universal clipboard, a stunning 15-inch screen, and incredible performance.

To help my kids stay organized and focused, I’ve looked into some great apps to complement their MacBook Air.

My Favourite Tools On The MacBook Air 15″

Purple Notebook

The app allows users to create multiple notebooks for different purposes. This app uses smart technology that transcribes text from images

myHomework Student Planner.

It ensures my kids never miss a deadline or forget an assignment, helping them stay on top of their academic schedule.

Freeform app by Apple

It allows my kids to jot down ideas, insert pictures, and explore their creativity freely.


This is another essential tool for my kids, especially for their math, physics, and computer science studies. It simplifies complex tasks, making it easier for them to work on scientific reports and math documents.


Pixelmator is perfect for my kids who are into visual work, like graphic design and photo editing. It’s a powerful editing app that’s available on macOS and iOS platforms.


This is a great tool and is an all-in-one workspace that my kids use for note-taking, task management, and collaborating with their classmates.

As a parent, I’m also excited about the back-to-university deals that Apple offers. It’s a great opportunity to save on the MacBook Air M2 and get some useful add-ons to support my kids’ education

I truly believe that the combination of the MacBook Air 15″ and these highly recommended apps will empower my kids to excel in their studies while staying organized and focused. It’s an investment in their education that I don’t want them to miss out on!

Do you have any favourite Apple apps/tools that you recommend? We would love to know what they are. Talk to us in the comments below.

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