The Parenting Styles Of Each Zodiac Sign: Which One Are You?

Kid are all so different – one may have wound himself around your leg while the second one is trying to unbuckle herself and get out before the car even stops moving. Let’s help you get a head start on how you can manage them al.

Parenting is super tricky as it is. Yes, it has its “awwww!” moments and so many memories but when it comes to raising our kids, it’s a guessing game.

Kid are all so different – one may have wound himself around your leg while the second one is trying to unbuckle herself and get out before the car even stops moving.

By knowing a little bit about the classic characteristics of our offspring’s ruling sign, we can gain some insight into what drives them. So let’s get a head-start and see how you can make things easier for yourself depending on your child’s star sign!

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Common words associated with a Capricorn child:

Decisive, Practical, Old Soul, Planners

Parenting a Capricorn Child:

  • They are good at surprising you with love and affection. Not the ones to display their love in an open way, Capricorns are quiet, but would love to use some extra hugs and affection and will also surprise you by throwing one your way. 
  • They are li’l perfectionists, we told you. That’s great, but that also aids them to make an informed decision (most times) and they stick to it and how! Try guiding them if you know they are taking the wrong path in a language they will understand.  
  • Capricorns take an immediate liking to music and are noted to be great at athletics and outdoor games. Are you listening, parents?

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Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Common words associated with an Aquarius child:

Energetic, Intelligent, Empathetic 

Parenting an Aquarius child:

  • Remember? It takes a village to raise a child. Summon your village now, as raising an Aquarian isn’t an easy task! You would need loads of energy to keep pace with them- but that’s the whole joy of parenting, isn’t it?! 
  • With their high energy and intelligence levels, these baby Einsteins might not take NO for an answer. If you find them stuck while assembling LEGO blocks or solving a puzzle, you won’t witness them giving up so easily. Being stubborn for the right things is good no?! 
  • Getting them adjusted to a routine or to a new preschool will never be an issue for a parent- you Aquarian loves being around with people. They love the attention, the laughs and the company of friends.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Common words associated with a Pisces child:

Compassionate, caring, intuitive, dreamers, and artistic

Parenting a Pisces Child:

  • Pisces babies often mirror their parent’s emotions. This is because of their sensitive nature and the fact that they are both more intuitive than other signs. They love to be cuddled and held so spend plenty of time holding your baby.
  • The flip side is they can get hurt/offended very often. Toddler and preschoolers who can’t express themselves with words may burst into tears frequently.
  • Take them outdoors often. They love to explore nature and just walk in the great outdoors. It is never to early to introduce them to the park or the sandbox or just hold your baby in your backyard and show them the setting sun and the birds flying home.

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Aries (March 19- April 20)

Common words associated with an Aries child:

Brave, bossy & filled with energy

Parenting An Aries Child:

  • Being the very first sign of the Zodiac calendar, Aries babies can’t take “No” for an answer, but there is also a hidden diplomat in there.
  • You can’t blame them much, they are the first in the zodiac and hence love to be in charge!
  • Aries kids love rewards, compliments or a special treats. This star sign craves more applause than any other zodiac baby.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

Common words associated with a Taurus child:

Strong-willed, Athletic, Methodical, Creative

Parenting A Taurus Child:

  • As soft-natured and loving as they are, your Taurus child can put their strong-willed nature to use and end up with ‘friendly’ fists with their friends’ circle. Channelise their energy with more indoor games – that inspire their creativity. 
  • As strange as it may sound- if you are a parent with zero patience, you might have to work on that before you discipline your Taurus child. One trait that is common among them is the need to put stuff into their mouth! So be watchful and try to come up with innovative ways to help them get rid of that habit. 
  • Try to give your li’l Taurean as many hugs as possible! These kids love to snuggle up to you for warmth and that secure feeling. 

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Common words associated with a Gemini child:

Smart, Energetic, Creative and Flexible

Parenting A Gemini Child:

  • Your child is great at multi-tasking- so make sure you put this trait to good use! An essential skill that will prep them for jobs in the future, right?!
  • They love to talk and are happy social animals! So, if you are planning to start sending them to school- be prepared to listen to dozens of stories once they are back home on all things they enjoyed at school!
  • Go ahead and invest in those art and craft supplies, without a second thought! We already told you-you are raising a prodigy, so get ready to display your child’s masterpieces at home for all to see!

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Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Common words associated with a Cancer child:

Dreamer, Affectionate, Shy, Intelligent

Parenting a Cancer Child:

  • Make sure you start your kids in sports classes early on. They are quick learners and sports will help them come out of their shells. Did we say- swimming is a given talent for your little champs?!
  • Your child will shine in every little endeavour they undertake- but the praises and accolades that follow will make them shy! They hate to be the centre of attention and prefer being alone or quiet when they go about their tasks!
  • They can get clingy and needy- and they love having a lot of people around them! If you are raising your child in a different city- make sure you travel frequently to visit the grandparents so your child feels happy and secure!

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Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Common words associated with a Leo child:

Loving, Strong, Fearless, Charming

Parenting a Leo child:

  • The one thing parents of a Leo kid need to remember is, that they don’t have to put in a lot of pressure on their child- be it in academics or other activities. Leo kids have a tendency to zero in on their likes and will compete hard to emerge victorious!
  • The Leo child has a soft heart and would love to perform better when they are appreciated and encouraged more! (Well, who doesn’t?!) Give them a pat on the back or a few words of motivation when they are pursuing something- they are highly likely to excel in it.
  • Basically, Leo children are wired to be warm at heart, so make sure you give them the warmth and love they need at home. Give them a lot of hugs and praises and keep them cuddled to you. They will be great with siblings or even a pet!

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Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Common words associated with a Virgo child:

Attentive, Responsive, Patient, Kind

Parenting a Virgo child:

  • You are raising a born leader. Your child not only loves to help those in need- but also loves to take control of the situation. Watch out for the star performer in school! 
  • In spite of their clever nature and the tendency to rise up to the occasion, Virgo children may feel inferior at times and may go into a shell. They need your constant love and understanding and a warm hug can do magic! 
  • The trait that will make your child popular in school and later in life, is the ability to resolve disputes, efficiently. They love to play peacemaker and have no issues bonding with kids older than them! 

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Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Common words associated with a Libra child:

Balanced, Social, Conversationalists, Kind

Parenting a  Libra Child:

  • At the outset- parents you can heave a sigh of relief. Your Libran child will be a stickler for neatness and love to keep their place tidy. So not many cases of toys strewn around the house, we can say!
  • We know how social the Libran child loves to be, so that puts an extra caution around them- lest they get steered away towards strangers-  make sure your rules are firmly in place as a parent. 
  • They are great peacekeepers. If you find your Libra child fighting with their sibling or friends, don’t fret too much. They tend to immediately make up and move on- coz remember they love being in a company!

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Scorpio (October 23 to November 22)

Common words associated with a Scorpio child:

Sensitive, Ambitious, Intense & Possessive

Parenting a Scorpio child:

  • Don’t be misled by a Scorpio’s strong-willed nature. As bold and dominant as they may appear, your reassurance and confidence is something that they will always seek out for. 
  • Scorpios are not the ones to let go off, easily. So have an eye on your child’s friends circle in the playgroup/nursery or even at school. They might not like being betrayed or ignored. 
  • There is something in their starts that makes them crave for mysteries. They love hiding and disappearing- so make sure you have an eye- at crowded and public spaces. That being said, mystery books, puzzles and novels are an absolute must when you start building their book collection later!

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Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Common words associated with a Sagittarius child:

Adventurous, Scholar, Creative, Open-minded

Parenting a Sagittarius Child:

  • Sagittarius kids are known to be big dreamers and can get very creative. Get them hooked onto stories and the act of storytelling much earlier- they are wired for it!
  • Your kids will love sharing! Very generous by nature, your Sagittarius kid will make new friends at school easily with this one charming trait. 
  • They are curious and are great learners and are always hungry for more knowledge. That might reflect in their scattered toys and a messy environment. Work on that patiently with them. 

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