From Two to Three: How to Adjust Your Relationship After Your Baby

Your relationship after baby may not be the fairy tale you envisioned. But remember that bonds formed in battle are strong, and although having a baby can indeed change everything, amazing things can happen when you learn how to change together.

Having a baby is a big transition for a couple. Although it is an exciting new adventure, it can also be a very stressful time for your relationship. Your baby will be the centre of your days and of course their needs and demands of your baby are what matters. You will find yourself with little time and energy to focus on each other and everything will be adjusted around the little one. This change is a normal part of the transition to parenthood.

When you think about the severe lack of sleep, new demands on everyone’s time and attention, it’s no surprise that so many couples struggle in their child’s first year.

The transition itself is difficult of taking care and having a 3rd human being in the house besides only the both of yourself. It’s made even harder when couples have unrealistic expectations about how they should be affected.

I am sharing my top five tips to keep your relationship strong after you become parents:

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