Rainy Day Activities To Try With Kids Under Just Rs.500

Rainy days need not be dull. From muddy puddles to hot chocolate and movies, indulge in budget-friendly activities under Rs-500 for a cozy and enjoyable day
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Even though rainy days might occasionally ruin outdoor plans, they also offer the chance to engage in relaxing interior activities. Today we’ll look at eight interesting and inexpensive activities you can do on a rainy day that will all run you less than Rs.500. Everyone can enjoy these activities, which range from splashing in muddy puddles to indulging in warm chocolate and movies.

Get Wet In Muddy Puddles:

Bring out your inner child and go outside for some rainy-day fun. Put on your rain boots and have fun splashing in the mud. Get messy and enjoy the simple pleasure of getting wet without any restraints. It’s an accessible pastime that guarantees lots of fun and reminiscence.

Let’s Have Some Butta In The Rain:

There’s something delightfully comforting about enjoying a hot and delicious snack while listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops. Grab an ear of corn, boil it to perfection, add a sprinkle of salt and butter, and savour its taste while appreciating the rain-soaked ambience. This simple treat can bring warmth and satisfaction to a rainy day.

Watch Movies And Hot Chocolate:

Rainy days are the ideal opportunity to relax on the couch and watch a ton of movies. Pick your favourite movies, collect some blankets, and get a hot cup of cocoa ready. Allow yourself to become engrossed in the stories as the rain outside your window provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Endless Cups Of Chai And A Good Book:

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for bookworms to get stuck into a gripping novel. Find a cosy area to curl up with a nice book and prepare a selection of your preferred teas. Whether you choose the classics or the newest bestsellers, pairing Chai with literature is calming and satisfying.

Cycle Indoors:

Don’t let the rain keep you from staying active. If you own a stationary bike or indoor cycling equipment, set it up in your home and pedal away. Cycling is an excellent way to exercise and boost your mood, even when the weather is gloomy. Put on some energetic music or catch up on your favourite TV shows while you pedal your way to fitness.

Go Out On A Trek:

Mumbai and most parts of the country is finally bidding goodbye to the scorching summer (at least, we hope so!) and the monsoon is making its way in. What’s better than monsoons?! So get ready to pack your bags and set off on a wonderful trekking experience with the family to these places that are only 200 kms from the maddening Mumbai streets. Get set go!

Build LEGO:

Of all the toys I had, this LEGO® Set was still my favourite thing to sit with. I had some basic bricks, a door, a few windows, and two base plates (one for the foundation and one for the roof). However, when I look around now, the variety and offerings of LEGO® Sets are truly exciting! Now, I have kids of my own and they are hard-core LEGO® Bricks lovers. Check out more on the new collection we have suggested.

Bake A Cake:

What better way to satisfy one’s craving for warmth and comfort on a gloomy day than by baking a cake? Pick a recipe you like, gather your supplies, and start your tasty baking journey. It can be really enjoyable to go through the measuring, combining, and baking of a cake, and the aroma that permeates your house will further enhance the comfortable ambience.

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