Hacks So Your Lunch Box Sandwiches Never Get Soggy! (FREE Recipe PDF Included)

Are kids complaining about soggy sandwiches? That can be such a damper when you open your tiffin box excited to eat and find a limp soggy something. These tips can help you nail the sandwich-making game!

Kids bored of cheese & chutney sandwiches? Access this FREE guide with 5 easy-to-make sandwich ideas that are kid-approved!


A sandwich is every lunch box‘s staple and if there is one thing I hate when I open my tiffin — it is a soggy sandwich. If I don’t like to eat I can’t even begin to think my kids will eat it. So this back-to-school week, we ensure you pack sandwiches that stay fresh and never become limp and soggy. How do we do that? With these simple hacks of course!

When you are hungry and craving a bite of your tomato and cucumber sandwich there is nothing worse that can happen than it breaking apart because of all the moisture. Try these tried and tested tips to make sure that mishap never happens to you! Say it with me – No More Soggy Sandwiches!

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Tip 1 – Dab The Tomatoes

tomatoes sliced paper towel

This one is so simple we wonder why we never thought of this before! Before making tomato and cucumber sandwiches, simply dab the tomatoes with a paper towel. It draws the extra moisture out and prevents the bread from going soggy.

Tip 2 – Toast Your Bread Very Lightly And Brush With Olive Oil

When you toast the bread lightly, it forms a slight crust and prevents the moisture from seeping in. The olive oil will form a coating so the moisture can’t get in. Make sure you just brush the bread with olive oil and not add too much. Your sandwich will taste greasy otherwise.

Tip 3: Don’t Put Condiments On Your Bread

Normally when we make a sandwich, we put the mayo or mustard or spread on the bread and then add the cheese or salami or whatever other protein you’re using. But if you’re consuming your sandwich later, then you need to change the way you make sandwiches. Put the protein on your bread and then add the mustard or mayo to your sandwich. This way the bread will also not get soggy.

Tip 4: Dry Your Greens

drying greens

If you’re adding lettuce or spinach to your sandwich make sure it’s completely dry. Even after you run it through a salad spinner, green leaves take time to dry out. Pat them with a paper towel to make sure they don’t have any moisture which can make your sandwich soggy.

Tip 5: Wrap It Right

You can do all the above and then if you just put it in a tiffin box, your perfectly good sandwich is going to fall apart – again. You can put your sandwich in a Ziploc bag and suck out all the air with a drinking straw or you can wrap it up in parchment paper or plastic wrap. This will keep your sandwich in one piece and taste fresh.

Kids bored of cheese & chutney sandwiches? Access this FREE guide with 5 easy-to-make sandwich ideas that are kid-approved!


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If you have any such hacks that you use, we would love for you to share it with us. Tell us in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list.


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