Museum Of Living History- Why Your Kids Will Love It

The best place to visit this weekend with the kids. Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling by visiting the Museum of Living History. Read to know more!

The weekend is approaching soon. And like all weekends I’m sure you have planned a day at the mall or to go catch the latest movie or maybe just sit home and wonder, “What should we do this weekend to make it fun for the kids?” If only there was something that would be engaging, mind-blowing and close by, so the kids would be happy and so would you. Well, you have come to the right place! Today on #FindItOnKSP, I’m gonna tell you about a place that ticks all the above boxes. And surprise-surprise- it’s a museum! The Museum of Living History.

The Museum Of Living History:

I know what you must be thinking- a museum, really? But this is no ordinary museum. Conceptualised by design and creative consultant Elsie Nanji, and ‘experience designer’ Harsh Manrao, Director, Figments Experience Lab, the new museum is designed as a tribute to the 75 years of history at Mahindra.

Okay, it’s about a car company…

What’s In It For The Kids?


The five sections of the museum namely The Force, The Big Bang, Passage of Time, Hyperspace, and Beyond Space and Time offer an immersive, ultra-modern experience that will leave the kids and you mind-blown!

P.S. You can experience all of this for free as there’s no entry fee! Mind-blown yet? Read on!

Here are some interesting things about this museum:

  • Installations, interactive displays, ‘hype-boxes’, ‘suitcase’ collections, and memorabilia from the company’s past have been designed to tell the group’s story from when it was started in 1945 but in a non-boring way.
  • Modern and contemporary artists such as Jaideep Mehrotra, Shahrukh Irani, Alijan Shaikh, Sara Lovari and others have also contributed to the Worli-based design project.
  • This 4500 sq. ft. space, created by design and creative consultant Elsie Nanji and experienced designer Harsh Manrao, is shaped like a nautilus.
  • It uses the works of over 20 artists and illustrators along with interactive display screens, period films, hype boxes, holographic boxes, light and shade, and a Formula E simulator.


Now do you believe when I say that your kids are going to love this place? This trip could be a conversation starter on how art can be used in so many unique ways and how it can be merged with technology to tell stories. Well, isn’t that impressive?

Also, the museum just completed its 1-year anniversary! This weekend will be the perfect time to visit this astonishing place. To visit, book an appointment by sending an email to

Where Is This Museum?


Address: Museum of Living History, Mahindra Towers, Dr, GM Bhosale Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

Timings: 10 am to 4 pm/Sundays closed (please check the app for details)


Instagram: Museum Of Living History

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